Museums, heritage parks, even inhabited workers settlements and still running workplaces.
This is the Industrial Monuments Route - trourist route connecting 42 objects in Silesia.

Would you like to ride a narrow-gauge railway? See how coal was mined? How silver was extracted? How water was treated? How newspapers were printed? How beer was brewed? It is you for whom the Industrial Monuments Route has been created. Sightsee, experiment, explore and ... have fun. You can choose from 42 most important and interesting industrial sights presenting industrial heritage of the region. They represent mining and metallurgical tradition, energy flow, railways, telecommunication, water production and the food industry. Lets together discover the industrial history of the region.


Stars of Technology

Szlak Zabytków Techniki to jedyny szlak turystyczny z Europy Centralnej, jaki należy do prestiżowego Europejskiego Szlaku Dziedzictwa Przemysłowego, grupującego najważniejsze monumenty ery przemysłowej na Starym Kontynencie.

Current Events

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